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23, Jun
10 Tips to set up the Ideal Home Office

10 Tips to set up the Ideal Home Office – Today’s guest blog is by Eric D. Davis, Attorney at Law. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gotcha Covered.

Home Office

10 Tips to set up the Ideal Home Office

Working from home was a growing trend, and following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, is has become a necessity. Remote working has always been convenient, and now it is also the safest option in these dire circumstances. People who are still new to the home office concept might be facing various difficulties and challenges. The environment at home is obviously a lot different than our regular workplace, so adjusting to the change takes time. Setting up a proper home office shall certainly get you back on track and bring back those productive days.

Follow these ten amazing tips to establish an ideal working space:

1.      Get the Right Chair

If your chair isn’t comfortable, you will not be able to stay put and focus on your work. The seat must neither be hard nor too soft. It must provide good support to your back and lower body. Order a professional chair online (one that has good ratings and reviews), because torturing yourself with an old dining chair is as questionable as a criminal offense.

2.      Ace the Ergonomics

The placement of furniture and all your computing accessories must follow the law of ergonomics. Remember that injuries incurred at home will not be covered by your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance.

3.      Pick a Bright Spot

Do not attempt to recreate the cubicle at work. Avoid setting up your workstation in a dark and gloomy corner. Opt for a spacious spot, such as the vacant guest room that has a window. The window will illuminate the room with natural sunlight and provide an outdoor view; both aspects will suffice a calming and soothing effect.

4.      Add elements of Nature

A few potted plants in the room should nourish the atmosphere and enhance the aesthetics of the room.

5.      Stock Up

You don’t want to leave your home office every few minutes to fetch something from another part of the house; it is not only disturbing but also kills valuable time. Keep some extra supplies of stationery, and maybe a few snacks to keep you chained to your workstation.

6.      Organize your Stuff

A messy room has the power of extracting all your positive energy and replacing it with fatigue. De-clutter your working space by organizing all your stuff. This way, you won’t lose things, nor give yourself a headache.

7.      Personalize

Add some personality to your home office by incorporating things that make you happy. You may add a colorful rug, put up inspiring wall art, add googly eyes to the printer, hang fancy lights, retrieve small action figures for your desk, and bring in a few scented candles if that’s your thing. When you make the space yours, you will cherish the time spent within.

8.      Don’t add too much Color

Do not go overboard with decorating your home office. The goal is to make it appealing, not distracting. Painting the walls a vivid color like watermelon red or sunny yellow might make the place feel cramped and intrusive. Go for neutral shades and save your anime-themed props for another room.

9.      Make it a Sacred Space

Keep your home office off-limits for other family members during working hours. You do not want to mix your professional life with family law, as it will affect the peace of both worlds.

10. Keep it Clean

If you regularly participate in video conferences, keep your home office presentable. Cleaning and tidying up on a regular basis shall leave a lasting impression on peers and make you feel good about yourself.

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