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24, Mar
5 Awesome Spare Room Remodeling Ideas

5 Awesome Spare Room Remodeling Ideas – Today’s guest blog is by Pasadena Criminal Defense Attorney. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gotcha Covered.

Spare Room Remodeling Ideas

5 Awesome Spare Room Remodeling Ideas

Most of the time a spare room is converted into a guest bedroom, but perhaps you already got that covered. Some of us do not get that many guests, especially the kind who would stay the night at our home; therefore, dedicating the extra space for something personal may be a more practical approach. Putting yourself first is not a criminal offense, so turn this room into a project that accentuates your well-being. Try out one or more of these amazing ideas to make the best of your home’s unused area:

1.    For Experimentation or Self Expression

Many of us hesitate upon trying bold colors when it comes to home décor. Shades of white and beige usually feel like the safest bet, while our heart yearns for popping pink or ravishing blue. The spare room can be utilized to live all our wildest fantasies, as long as it does not create a medical malpractice lawsuit. The walls can be used as a canvas to test several ideas or judge your own creativity. If the experiment goes well, you may confidently apply it to the actual room.

2.    Library & Study Room

Despite all the technological advances, reading old-fashioned books remains a popular hobby among individuals of all ages. If you are one of those bookworms who are constantly running out of shelves and boxes to store their collection, the thought of a private library might intrigue you. You can finally display your books in a devoted space and bask in their glory. The book-dominated layout creates a perfect setting for reading and studying.

3.    Home Gym/Exercise Space

Fitness enthusiasts should use this opportunity to invest in a temple for their bodies. Turn the spare room into a gym or retreat for yoga/aerobics. Exercising in the bedroom or living room is certainly not very comfortable because furniture and other family members might be in your way. Equip the spare room with your preferred machinery or exercise gear (yoga mats, dumbbells, exercise ball, etc.) and pursue your fitness regime in vigor. You can add in a smart T.V, music system, and motivational posters to enhance the experience.

4.    Personal Cinema

Commercial cinemas can be too crowded, expensive, or far away for many of us. If you prefer to watch movies at home with your loved ones or by yourself, yet miss the theatrics of a real cinema, it’s time to get your own screen. Movie buffs should invest in a projector and a popcorn machine if they want to take things up a notch. A white wall, daybed, soft rug, and a few throw pillows/bean bags will do the trick. Consider making the room ‘soundproof’ in order to avoid interfering with the neighbors’ civil rights.

5.    Playroom for the Kids

Having multiple kids in the house is fun, but the commotion is often challenging. Children are curious and they have twice the energy of an average adult. Thus, turning your spare room into a playroom can help keep them busy and bring harmony to the household. Deck this room with your children’s treasured toys and supplies of their favorite activities. Allow them to be messy and imaginative in this space, so they can freely discover themselves and you can focus on your own to-do list.

5 Awesome Spare Room Remodeling Ideas

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